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tv   Politics Nation  MSNBC  October 31, 2012 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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romney. vote for romney, you don't get obama. all the rest, all of the distractions and mickey mousing comes down to this. will you, you, the person you are in your soul be counted. if not, i just don't know a good thing to say to you. this one counts for history. and that's "hardball" for now. thanks for being with us. "politicsnation" with al sharpton starts right now. thanks, chris, and thanks to you for tuning in. tonight's lead, it looks like obama/christie 2012. president obama in new jersey, governor chris christie today toured hard hit areas of hurricane sandy. their survey of the devastation reminded americans of how many people are suffering from the storm and how essential it is for government to help them. and then governor christie, the man mitt romney handpicked to give the keynote address at his convention began to praise
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president obama. >> obviously i want to thank the president. we spent a significant afternoon together surveying the damage up and down the new jersey coastline. we were on marine one together and we saw an opportunity to discuss it at length. and then going over to the shelter here, being able to meet with folks, seeing the president and his concern. he has sprung into action immediately while we were in the car riding together. so i want to thank him for that. he has worked incredibly closely with me since before the storm hit. this is our sixth conversation since the weekend and it's been a great working relationship to make sure that we're doing the jobs that people elected us to do and i cannot thank the president enough for his
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personal concern and compassion for the people of our state. >> how do you think that went over at the romney campaign? then it was the president's turn. >> first of all, i want to thank everyone who has been involved in the entire rescue and recovery process. at the top of my list, i have to say that governor christie, throughout this process, has been responsive. he's been aggressive in making sure that the state got out in front of this incredible storm and i think the people of the new jersey recognize that he has put his heart and soul into making sure the people of new jersey bounce back even stronger than before. so i just want to thank him for his leadership and partnership. >> as for mitt romney today, he held several so-called victory rallies in florida. at least this time he's admitting it's political. that's something he didn't do yesterday when he held supposedly nonpolitical storm relief events. today we learned that the romney campaign actually surprised some
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of the donations. campaign aides went to a local walmart and spent $5,000 on granola bars, diapers to put on display, all to make romney look like a leader who can inspire. plus, he said, that when teenage boys showed up empty handed, they retrieved the peanut butter each and got in line. when it was their turn, they handed their donations to romney and smiled and offered an earnest "thank you." today we also learned that paul ryan's staff went out of their way to stage manager storm photo op at a donation center in wisconsin. plus, he says, quote, the packing was proceeding too quickly and the supporters were given the order to slow down and
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then to stop to be sure that there was still goods to be packed when ryan entered. when ryan entered? another staged event just like his fiasco at the soup kitchen? earlier this month, paul ryan went to an empty soup kitchen to wash two products that had already been left there for him to clean. empty gestures, photo ops, petty politics. and once again today, mitt romney not answering questions about whether he still wants to privatize fema and cut federal disaster relief. or a working president with a republican governor to get something done and fulfill a basic role of government. take care of people. that's the choice in this election. do we want a country that says, you're on your own when you're in trouble or that we're all in this together and we care for all of us collectively.
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joining me now is victoria de francesca soto and jonathan capeheart, an msnbc contributor. victoria, what we're seeing in new jersey today with the republican governor working hand in hand with the president, isn't this the way government is supposed to work? >> absolutely. you know, hurricane sandy has shown us that we need abled government that can work together with the states and this role of the federal government working hand in hand with state government flies in the face of what mitt romney and his party stands for, which is centralizing everything down to the state level but regrettably, hurricanes don't respect state borders and you're going to need across state government. so i think we here we saw a
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demonstration of what truly needs to be done in such a disaster. >> and this was across party lines, state and federal lines, a picture of working together and the president had words for those who had been hit the hardest by hurricane sandy and for those who are working overtime. let me hear some of that, jonathan. >> we need to make sure that everybody who has lost a loved one knows that they are in our thoughts and prayers. >> i want to thank all of the first responders who have been involved in this process, the linesmen, the firefighters, the one thing that you learn in these tragedies is the first responders -- keep in mind, their homes are underwater, too, or their family has been affected in some way and yet they make those personal sacrifices to help other people so we really appreciate them. >> and the american people, jonathan, seem to appreciate what the president did and a washington post abc poll,
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response to hurricane sandy, excellent or good, 78% for president obama. excellent or good, just 44% for governor romney. >> jonathan, well, as we have seen today and actually since hurricane sandy made landfall, that the president, in doing his day job, is probably the best thing that he could be doing right now in the final week of the presidential campaign. showing people that this is what a president does. >> right. >> and watching the video of governor christie and president obama together, you know, i felt this wave of nostalgia wash over me because this harkened back to a time when democrats and republicans could fight like hell to get legislation through, to get things passed, but when
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the national interest demanded it, they put politics aside to do what is best for the american people and that's what we saw in new jersey today when you have the governor, when you have the president. and, remember, the governor is someone who has hammered the president pretty hard on the campaign trail on behalf of mitt romney and when disaster struck, the governor and the president put their hardest and politics aside to do what is best for the people of the garden state. we need more of that. >> well, there was not that in every corner. for example, this was tweeted. the big federal government some say has needed to deal well big problems like sandy went home early in d.c. yesterday and is mostly closed today. or, grover norquist, the right wing anti-tax leader using hurricane sandy to attack the president. his group is distributing a flyer with a picture of the
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president and a storm and the caption, we've seen storms in virginia, but none like this. saying the president hasn't done enough to deal with the national debt. so even as we deal with this bipartisan federal government state-level kind of unity, we're seeing those that are using this as an opportunity to step over the debris and the suffering people and continue taking shots at the president. in many cases, unfounded shots at that, victoria. >> one would think that if there's one time that we can all come together is a natural disaster like this but the president going forward is showing his multidimensionality. mitt romney has been campaigning that he's a businessman and business leader but businesses are all about the bottom line and profit. while in government you have to
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take concern for the budget, you also need to have a broader base concern for the humanity of those people that elected you and not just those that voted for you or not just the 47% but for everybody. and this is the inherent weakness that romney is facing in light of this disaster. >> but isn't that the point, jonathan? the storm comes, the waters come over the line in terms of the beaches or whatever the boundaries are in new york, new jersey, and that the waters don't ask, are you republican or democrat, whether you're 1% or 99, everyone is at risk, everyone suffers and expect their leadership to come and respond in kind by going across boundaries. >> this is when a disaster like this is when people have to come to term with the fact that while they might want a limited government, they don't want government in their lives, at some point, especially when disaster strikes, they want
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government to be there. especially in your times of need, when you are most vulnerable. you try telling people in new jersey and connecticut and maryland and places that have been dramatically affected by hurricane sandy, you try telling them that they are on their own and that they shouldn't expect or shouldn't ask the federal government to help them not only help rebuild their lives but rebuild their communities. that's not going to fly. >> well, victoria, jonathan, thank you so much for your time tonight. >> thanks a lot, rev. coming up, mitt romney's hit-and-run with the truth. do republicans really think they can get away with this right before election day? not a chance. >> the president talked about romnesia. well, it's contagious. congressman ryan's caught it. >> plus, we'll expose the dirty
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treks campaign against the president. some hateful language can show up on your cell phone. and the guy whose fingerprint was all over florida's 2000 fiasco is back and trying to support the vote in 2012 is a big story tonight and you're going to hear it. you're watching "politicsnation" on msnbc. [ male announcer ] the way it moves. the way it cleans. everything about the oral-b power brush is simply revolutionary. our unique brush head cleans in three directions with up to 50% more brush movements than leading sonic technology. oral-b power brushes. go to for the latest offers. monarch of marketing analysis. with the ability to improve roi through seo
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paul ryan voted for the auto bailout but you won't belief what he's saying now. stay with us. ♪
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he's saying now. stay with us. v what he's saying now. stay with us. e what he's saying now. stay with us.
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welcome back to "politicsnation." from the beginning, mitt romney's campaign has pushed a completely, desperately false ad claiming that jeep is shipping jobs to china and today his running mate is spinning more of the same. >> these companies, chrysler in particular, we know their story, they are now choosing to expand to manufacturing overseas. these are the facts. >> the facts? what about the fact that the company is also expanding in america?
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politico has gotten four pin noek key ohios from "the washington post." he's been slammed by the ceo's of chrysler and gm and called out by the conservative of the detroit news and by the columbus dispatch. today the denver post editorial board hit the romney campaign for outsourcing the truth, saying it smells like desperation and it's shameful. today, vice president biden ripped into the romney lot. >> in the last hours of this campaign, they have become truly desperate. >> chrysler said, quote, it was a leap that would being even difficult for a professional circus acrobat. that's the quote.
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by the way, i don't think they are acrobats. i think these guys are contorsoinists. >> governor romney is down by five points in ohio, according to the latest polls. for mr. romney, desperate times call for desperate measures and it doesn't matter how much the truth suffers. joining me now is pulitzer prize connie schultz. she writes today, why romly will lose ohio. hint, hint. and dana milbank, columnist for "the washington post." he's writing that romney goes off road with the truth. thanks for being here tonight. connie, let me start with you. you were born and raised in ohio with ties to the auto industry.
3:19 pm
>> yes. >> how are ohioans responding to this false attack by romney and ryan? >> that's what is interesting to me. i come from these people. i come from utility workers and auto plant workers and steel workers. i think romney thinks that the people that i come from are stupid. but i've been traveling all over the state. i was in three different towns today and i've been at a lot of packed halls with auto workers and people who supply the auto industry. you're talking about 800,000 jobs in auto-related jobs in ohio, which means you're talking about more than half a million families who depend on these wages and have better lives because of it and at chrysler, at jeep in toledo, they have more than 100 electricians right now working in that plant, gearing it up to amp up production next year to start a whole new line. so it doesn't make sense to me why romney would do this, why
3:20 pm
ryan and romney -- unless they are really counting on the people i come from to not understand what kind of stunt they are pulling and that's why romney is going to lose ohio. >> how come they don't see that people in their home community working like these electricians? i mean, it's amazing for them to assume that people are not going to see what is actually happening in their own state and neighborhood. >> well, i tell you what, reverend, if you don't know these people, if you don't mine gel with these people, if you don't spend any time with them, then i suspect that you can make all kinds of assumptions about them that are wrong. and don't forget what happened here. the republicans did the same thing. they went after state workers. they went after their rights of collective bargaining and we defeated that measure. larger numbers than what is expected. and they are going after the
3:21 pm
same kind of people again. it's just not going after the people who work in this industry. that means that they have neighbors. they have friends. they have relatives who care about them, even if they don't work in these jobs. and so they are offended when romney pulls this. >> now, dana, congressman ryan voted for the auto bailout but just a short time ago he argued it wasn't a success. take a listen. >> everybody wants a strong and vibrant auto sector. we want a strong manufacturing sector. but today you might have heard that joe biden, again, was at it again. today he was talking about the government bailout which he keeps touting is an unsuccessful story. ask the chrysler engine people if they think that this was a success story. the facts, they speak for
3:22 pm
themselves. >> i mean, what is he talking about, dana? he voted for it and it was a success. >> well, i'm a little confused because now he's going to have an argument with his boss, mitt romney, who has said that in fact the whole thing was a success because president obama followed his advice, which wasn't true in the first place. but, still, they've got to get their falsehoods all lined up here if people are going to start asking questions. i think what happened here in ohio is they were looking at this and said, look, we're down five points and a whole bunch of these polls. we are losing the state. let's roll the dice. i think they realized there could be this kind of backlash that they are getting not just from the media but from the corporations themselves. the question is, how many of the people can they fool and would the truth actually get out to them before election day? it does not appear that that gam sbel working at this particular moment. >> now, connie, let me ask you
3:23 pm
as an ohioan, the race seems to be tight, despite the fact that voters say that the president cares about them more. only 44% say that romney cares about the needs and problems like them. 52% say he does not. by contrast, 62% think that obama cares about the needs of the people and they like him. just 36% say that he does not. why is the race so tight, then, if that's the feeling? >> well, rev, you've been to ohio in the last few months and if you turn on your tv, you notice we're not watching a lot of beer or viagra ads. it's all campaign ads and they are some of the nastiness that we've seen in the a past and ultimately i think the president is going to win this state. i think it will be close and what i think will matter most is the ground game and geo tv ads
3:24 pm
are running in a ferocious. i drive a chevy cruze. there it are so many towns full of workers who are contributing supplies to that car. more than a dozen. they can rattle off the list of cities where workers are contributing to the assembly of the chevy cruze and this is really important, working around the clock now. they have three shifts in lawrencetown producing one of the best selling cars in america that. is a success story of ohio and ohio workers and i couldn't be prouder to be in this state. >> it's a great success story. dana, how is this going to work itself out? what is going to happen in ohio in and has this jeep story
3:25 pm
backfired ultimately on the ryan/romney ticket? >> there's a reason people don't take a whole lot of heed of what these fact checkers are saying and that is, you can often get away with these things. when you have a critical mass and it's so egregiously false, this isn't a matter of interpretation. this is just plane false and you have this kind of a snowballing effect. that can really come back and hurt you. they took -- they rolled the dice here because the romney team feels they have to win in ohio and it would be interesting if this turns out that they don't. >> connie and dana, thank you both for your time tonight. >> thank you, reverend. coming up, from intimidating billboards to anti-obama text messages, they are all in to smear the president. we'll tell you who is behind all of this. plus, more on the incredible
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mitt romney's momentum has some of his team arguing he can win states like pennsylvania, minnesota, and even michigan. but democrats aren't worried.
3:30 pm
just listen to what obama senior adviser david axelrod said it it today about it on "morning joe." >> i will come on and shave my mustache of 40 years if we lose any of those three states. if we lose minnesota, michigan, or pennsylvania you will shave off that mustache? >> yeah, on the show. >> yes, but what i should do is make a deal with you and say you'll grow one if we win them. >> right away the political world was buzzing about the bet. "the washington post" wrote, david axelrod recklessly endangers an american treasure. i agree with that one. and the american mustache institute chairman says, it's incredibly irresponsible for axelrod to be playing games with such an exceptionally powerful mustache. that's coming from the chairman. the mush stan even got its own
3:31 pm
twitter account. do you think the mustache bet is a good bet? we want to know. head over to facebook/politicsnation. it's the conversation that goes on long after the show ends. about marriage. children. money. about tomorrow. here's to good decisions. who matters most to you says the most about you. massmutual is owned by our policyholders so they matter most to us. massmutual. we'll help you get there.
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the all-new 2013 chevrolet malibu. ♪ refined comfort to get you in a malibu state of mind no matter what state you live in. ♪ mitt romney is down in the polls. he'd lose the election if it were held today and republicans know it. that's why they are playing dirty. last night, hundreds of people received anti-obama text messages on their phones from an unknown source. they said things like, quote, obama stole $716 billion in medicare. we can't trust obama to protect our seniors. or they say, obama denies protection to babies who survive abortion. obama's just wrong. and obama supports homosexuality
3:35 pm
and his radical social agenda. say no to obama now on november 6th. today, we found out who was behind those texts. jason a former republican candidate in virginia who now run ares a company called cc advertising. their website says they provide artificially intelligent personalized telephone surveys to clients, also known as robo calls and their clients include conservative congressman roy blunt of missouri, grover norquist, americans for tax reform, and the alaska republican party. they will stop at nothing to smear the president. romney supporters are even telling outright lies at campaign events. today, a gop official shouted out that bogus claim that the
3:36 pm
president is handing out so-called obama phones in order to get votes. >> we've got to drag people to the polls. that's what they are doing. you don't have to offer them cell phones like they are doing but, by golly, take people to the polls. >> it's just not the romney supporters, today the campaign is trying to spook us just in time for halloween and a bag of dirty tricks. joining me now is president of the service union and jamal simmons a. dr simmons, a democratic, strategist. let me start with you, mary kay. are we going to see a lot more
3:37 pm
of these dirty tricks in the next six days, in your opinion, mary kay? >> yes, we are, for the reason thaw just said. they cannot repeal on voters for the economy that works for everybody. instead, they are going to distract voters by esending out these ridiculous lies and we're not having it. we have a ground game that is going to unite people to exercise their right to vote and we intend to drive a vote out that will win for the president on election day. >> now, i've been all over the country with the nonpartisan voter protection stuff and i see your grounds everywhere. what are you getting on the ground in response to these dirty tricks? are they backfiring? >> i would say it's motivating
3:38 pm
our member leaders that are on the doors and it's motivating voters that we're talking to to say, wait a second, they are definitely trying to steal this vote now so i better grab my neighbor and get to the polls or i better get to church and make sure everybody knows, like the great thing that you did this past weekend on souls to the polls, it's the kind of response that i think people are doing. we had a group of high school students march together to stop intimidation at the early vote places. so there's been an out pouring of support for protecting the right to vote. >> jamal, a republican named steve even horn was behind the intimidating voter billboard showing up in predominantly republican neighborhoods. he's a hedge fund manager and his wife nancy donated hundreds of dollars to the gop campaign. he and his wife donated the maximum $5,000 to the romney
3:39 pm
campaign and gave $50,000 to wisconsin and intimidating and these are the kinds. >> you know, sunday before election, you'll see flyers on african-american church parking lot windshields, giving a punishable and fine times and you'll see robo calls and republicans restore and
3:40 pm
yesterday we told people about the report from think progress saying that the romney campaign is actually training poll watchers to mislead voters in wisconsin. the training also encouraged volunteers to deceive election workers and the public about who they were associated with and today the wisconsin government accountability board, which oversees the election, is formally objecting to the romney training manual urging incognito poll watchers. our plan is to contact the romney campaign and tell them that there are issues. why would people tell people that are going to be poll
3:41 pm
watchers, why would they tell them, mary kay, just tell them that you're a concerned citizen? >> it's an ex text ever a dirty trick and confusing people by acting if you're a government official giving information that is not bias rather than identifying the romney campaign and thank god the government said it was unacceptable for them not to be able to identify who they are. that's why the ground game is so important. we have hundreds of volunteers who have relationships and this is going to boil down to, who do i trust and that's why making sure we reach out to each other about the direction that we want this country to go, that we are all in it together in the final
3:42 pm
six days. >> it's also why it's incredibly important that the democrats and people who are progressive have their own poll watchers because they try toin tim date people, like my grandmother, she's an elderly woman, not very educated, to do her civic duty and you have some guy standing over her shoulder saying, this is not right. this is not right, to try to intimidate the senior citizens who are trying to help people vote. you have to have democrats or progressives at the poll saying this is what is right and people exercise their constitutional right. >> now, when you talk about the ground game, mary kay, i want people to understand this is also in the midst of big money being used by the right ring. the koch brothers have launched a $3 million campaign in
3:43 pm
michigan and sheldon adelson is running an ad campaign in three states and karl rove and american cross roads and cross roads gps bought $17.7 million in ad space in just eight key swing states woult a ground game it's hard to go up against that. >> that's right. and it's chump change and it helps make crystal clear that the choice that president barack obama is putting in front of the country and why they are discouraged or confused and that's why building the relationship and the block cap pens and volunteers that are
3:44 pm
pulling the vote, driving with vans to get people to early vote in ohio and milwaukee as we speak. it's so incredibly critical. >> mary kay, jamal simmons, thank you both for your time tonight. >> thank you. coming up, uncovering the republican effort to suppress the vote in florida. there's a leak to the ugly past and we're revealing it tonight. the chairman of the florida republican party tells it all. next. [ male announcer ] red lobster's hitting the streets to tell real people about our new 15 under $15 menu. oh my goodness! oh my gosh, this looks amazing! that's a good deal! [ man ] wow! it is so good! [ male announcer ] our new maine stays! 15 entrees under $15, seafood, chicken and more! oo! the tilapia with roasted vegetables! i'm actually looking at the wood grilled chicken with portobello wine sauce. you so fascinated by the prices, you keep rambling on! i know! -that pork chop was great! -no more fast food friday's! so we gotta go! we're going to go to red lobster. yep. [ male announcer ] try our 15 under $15 menu
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we're back to uncover voter suppression in florida. the palm beach polls report the architect of the 2000 felon voter purge is the same man behind florida's new voter law. he is emit bucky mitchell, the former senior attorney for the florida division of elections who now works as general counsel for the florida gop. he wrote the original draft for
3:49 pm
the voter suppression law on the books today and engineered the 2000 voter purge. he also worked for florida's secretary of state katherine harris. you all remember her. of course you do. she was in charge of the big florida voting mess of 2000. and mr. mitchell was at her side during the infamous florida recount. now he's the writer of the suppression laws affecting florida voters this year. i guess it's all just a big coincidence. joining us is president of florida league of women voters and jim greer, the former chairman of the republican party who's been very critical of what went on behind the scenes. first, thank you both for being here. >> glad to be here. >> jim, what can you tell our viewers with emmett "bucky"
3:50 pm
greer? >> he and his partner worked for me for a period of time when i was chairman. they are good at what they do. when you're looking for a lawyer that can write legislation and change the election laws, stand up potentially to a constitutional challenge, you reach out to people like bucky and his partner richard coats and they draft the law. they a they advise how it can get done and it's about keeping people from election day to win the republican election. >> keeping pop freople from get to election day? >> that's right. primarily down here in florida, reducing early voting days, put all of these obstacles in the way of democrats, minority
3:51 pm
voters from getting to the polls because down here in florida it's not just about the presidential election, it's about keeping power in the legislature and the governor's mansion. >> now, diedra, you wrote -- well, you said to the palm beach news today, i'm quoting you, i'd be deeply concerned to think that members of a political party who are not elected officials nor staff to legislators are drawing up voter suppression laws in the back room. it should be deeply troubling to the public. elaborate on that for me, diedra. >> well, i think it's shameful, unamerican, frankly, that when we know in a state like florida and perhaps other states across the united states, we have political operatives working in back rooms to draw up voter suppression laws. it's unacceptable, it's
3:52 pm
unamerican, and there is something that people can do to fight back and that is to get out there and vote. >> now, you are nonpartisan and yet there are new laws set up to try and stop the league of women voters from registering voters of either party. i mean, this was something that was unthinkable. >> well, absolutely. and this finding came out in a deposition in one of the lawsuits that we were involved with, fighting the voter registration laws which, thankfully, was thrown out, those voter registration laws. it was fascinating, also, to see that the election was really wonderful to see the supervisors of election in the state of florida who stood up and were also opposing many of these rules, such as cutting the early voting days in half and requiring a much more extensive
3:53 pm
use of provisional ballots. so our supervisors of election who are both democratic and republican, independently elected by the citizens of their county have really been at the forefront of this battle and stood up against this back room, political manipulation for partisan advantage which absolutely should not be happening in this country or our state of florida. >> jim? >> you know, al, one of the things that i thought was funny about this deposition was when bucky gave all of the names that i talked before on your show that those were the same names that he gave in his deposition as being involved in drafting this legislation or this potential law. so it goes on to show that there's clear cut evidence and it shouldn't be surprising that in florida the republican party, the republican leaders are doing everything that they can to keep power, manipulate the voting
3:54 pm
laws, and ensure that if someone's not going to vote republican, they don't get an opportunity to pay at all. >> and you said in the deposition that some of the voter suppression is race-based and said, quote, they talk about not letting the black voter keeping blacks from voting and yet despite their best effort, i must say, jim, i was down there despite all of these efforts just like they did in 2008 and it's wrong and evil but it's not working, jim. >> well, if it's not working, they are going toll try and find some way to make it work in the next election and citizens need to wake up, they need to realize all of the evidence is in front of them that political parties
3:55 pm
and right now the republican party is doing everything it can to ensure at all costs they control the government mansion and legislature and are trying to throw out the supreme court justices in florida because they voted against him. but i was chairman when charlie crist was governor. we did in fact allow that. we're gone, they are bringing the old gang back together and doing things like passing these types of laws. >> all right. i'm going to have to leave it there. thank you both. >> thank you. we'll be right back. [ female announcer ] food, meet flavor.
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♪ happy halloween from "politicsnation." it's the night when all of the scary characters come out.
3:59 pm
the skeleton and the goblins, the witches and the zombies. oh, it's scary. what's also scary, just six days until the election and the republicans are unleashing their scariest ghost and ghouls. we are already seeing some pretty frightening stuff. they are trying to scare us with tales of voter fraud and intimidate and suppress our right to vote and also sending anti-obama text messages to people's phones and they are even telling outright lies to scare us. >> when it comes to outsourcing, this president has been outsourcing a good deal of american jobs themselves. >> if there's an outsourcer in chief, it's the president of the united states. >> that could scare anyone. that gives anyone a good scare if it were
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